How to Claim Agricultural Insurance

How to Register and Buy Agricultural Insurance

For those of you who are interested in registering and buying agricultural insurance, here are the steps.

  • Farmers follow the data collection conducted by the local district or city office.
  • Then the farmer data will be sent to the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The government conducts verification.
  • If the verification is successful, the farmer will be met with the insurance company.
  • Furthermore, the government will conduct socialization regarding premium payment and insurance risk selection.
  • The police were distributed to the farmers.
  • If they experience losses such as crop failure, farmers can file a claim with a note after the policy is issued.

How to Claim Agricultural Insurance

How to submit an agricultural insurance claim to the Jasindo insurance company, namely:

  • Farmers submit claims to Jasindo through farmer assistants, agricultural extension workers, or plant-disturbing organisms observers.
  • Claims verified by the team.
  • Damage to crops must reach a minimum of 75 percent, less than that amount will not be compensated.
  • Farmers will receive coverage of a maximum of IDR 6 million per hectare if the claim is approved.

How Agricultural Insurance Works

Agricultural insurance can be divided into 2 types, namely self-help insurance and subsidized insurance from the state budget. In self-help insurance, farmers must pay their premiums without help from other parties.

Meanwhile, in government subsidy insurance, farmers will get a premium subsidy of 80 percent from the government and the rest will be paid by farmers. The way this type of insurance works is quite simple, namely insurance registration is done through farmer groups.

However, to be able to get subsidized insurance, farmers need to meet the following requirements:

  • Farmers do not own private land and the land must be arable land with an area of ​​not more than 2 hectares.
  • If the farmer owns private land, the agricultural work cannot be more than 2 hectares.
  • Farmers are small-scale horticultural, garden, or livestock farmers.
  • Join an active farmer group.
  • Prioritizing farmers who are included in sustainable food agriculture.
  • Carry out agriculture or animal husbandry in earnest after premium assistance is received.

Tips for Choosing Agricultural Insurance

Some tips for choosing this type of insurance include:

  • Choose insurance products according to your conditions and needs.
  • If the farmer meets the requirements to get a premium subsidy, then the farmer needs to prepare all the requirements to be fulfilled so that the application for insurance registration is not rejected.
  • Active in farmer groups if you want to get premium subsidies.
  • For farmers who choose private insurance, pay attention to the type of insurance chosen, whether self-help insurance, partnership insurance, or insurance with a credit pattern.
  • When choosing a private insurance premium, choose an insurance product that is not burdensome and under your abilities.
  • It is recommended to choose insurance that provides comprehensive risk coverage according to conditions in the field.
  • Choose insurance that is easy in the registration process as well as the claim submission process.
  • Farmers are required to know in detail the submission of claims to avoid rejection.

That’s the discussion about agricultural insurance that you need to know. If you need more insurance information, you can find interesting content related to life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and other financial products on the blog.

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